Kuria elders defend female genital mutilation 

Kuria elders defend female genital mutilation 

A section of Kuria elders in Migori County have downplayed efforts by the government to put an end to female genital mutilation terming it as ineffective.

The elders say they are convinced that “the god of FGM” cannot be coerced into stopping the act adding that recent efforts to arrest perpetrators may not yield fruit.

According to these elders, Eresa, their god of circumcision, demands that boys and girls from the community undergo the cut to initiate them into adulthood.

At a meeting aimed at discussing ways to end the practice, the elders intimated that the only solution to ending the practice was for the elders to consult with their “god of FGM” or for the government to work with elders to chart the way forward.

Kuria Deputy County Commissioner Sebastian Okiring’ however maintains that the government will not relent in its crackdown.

Kenya banned female genital mutilation in 2011, and a government crackdown on those carrying out the practise has been lethal.

The law further prohibits derogatory remarks about women who have not undergone FGM and offenders may be jailed or fined or both.

Though illegal, an estimated 10,000 girls are expected to undergo the cut this December.



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