Linturi was at Sopa Lodge with me instead of Parliament for Waiguru impeachment motion – Kitany

Linturi was at Sopa Lodge with me instead of Parliament for Waiguru impeachment motion – Kitany

Meru Senator Minthika Linturi was in Naivasha when he was expected to table a motion seeking the impeachment of Anne Waigiru.

Revealing the details before a Magistrate Court, Linturi’s estranged wife Maryanne Kitany said that she was in the company of Linturi at Sopa Lodges in Naivasha.

“We were in Sopa lodges … parliament was going on …our relationship started going because the public felt that I had given him money to sponsor the motion,”she said.

The 45-year-old Kitany further said that on that material day when the lawmaker was expected to table the motion, he was conspicuously absent from parliament as they were sharing a room and ‘had romance’.

Kitany said the decision to take the lawmaker to Naivasha was a well-calculated move that was planned by a team from the president and the Deputy Presidents office.

Linturi had filed a petition seeking the removal of Waiguru from office for transferring Rugut from NYS.

It is on that night when Maryanne agreed to take the relationship to the next level and introduce him to her relatives.

Asked whether she can identify her husband, Maryanne pointed at Linturi who was following the proceedings.

Kitany further revealed to the court how Linturi moved in to her house in Kileleshwa.

She said that when they were dating, Linturi used to stay in a rented house called Bitha homes: a four bedroomed house and Kitany was living in Kileleshwa.

“We came back to Nairobi and slowly by slowly he started coming to Kileleshwa for sleep overs ….stay for days and finally he started living with me in Kileleshwa,” she added.

Kitany further intimated how she started earning and investing immediately after her studies at Alliance Girls School.

She bought her own house in Komarock at the age of 21 and later on while in college she had a business.

The court heard how she bought shares at Mumias Company and Safaricom as Kitany painted a picture of how she started earning and getting her millions.

The court also heard that Linturi later introduced his children to Kitanny.

Asked by her lawyer which role she played after the introduction, she said: “I became their mother and I took care of them …made sure they went to school.”

She disputed the allegations made by the senator that she was a ‘visitor’ at their home.

The hearing continues on Wednesday.


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