Local man happy as D.T Dobie assures him they’re sorting his car after 11-day wait

Local man happy as D.T Dobie assures him they’re sorting his car after 11-day wait

Peter J. Ng’ang’a, the Kenyan man who penned an angry letter to D.T Dobie complaining about his car’s long stay at their garage, is finally pleased after the car dealer addressed his concerns.

Speaking to Citizen Digital on phone, Mr. Ng’anga said the D.T Dobie management responded to his Tuesday email and convinced him that his car was being attended to.

“The D.T Dobie M.D (Managing Director) got back to me and we had a very fruitful discussion, he confirmed to me that the car is being taken care of and I can confidently say I am very happy with the talks,” said Mr. Ng’ang’a.

The Kenyan man’s angry but witty letter addressed D.T Dobie CEO Ian Middleton, complaining how his car has been stuck at the garage for 11 days with no communication, went viral for the creative manner in which it was penned.

In the letter, M. Ng’ang’a listed 11 events that have since taken place around the world in the 11 days that his car has been at the D.T Dobie workshop since it was taken on the morning of August 16, 2019, namely:

  1. G 7 summit in France,
  2. Amazon wildfires have made headlines,
  3. Trump has lambasted his Fed Reserve chairman, and pretty much everyone else,
  4. A Cabinet has been named in the DRC,
  5. My daughter lost Lè Mbûri, her pet goat,
  6. Rory McIlroy has won the FedExCup and pocketed $15 million,
  7. Brazil has rejected the G7 offer of aid to help put off the fires and stated, “Macron cannot even avoid a predictable fire in a church that is part of the world’s heritage, and he wants to give us lessons for our country?”
  8. Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson was fined $572m,
  9. Kenya exported its first batch of crude oil,
  10. Trump has suggested nuking hurricanes,
  11. NASA is investigating first allegation of a crime in space.

“Yet my vehicle sits at your workshop, ignored and uncared for, perhaps even lonely. Not one soul has popped the hood to say, ‘Hello, we will be with you as soon as the UK government makes a decision on Brexit,” he had written.

The then agitated man signed off the letter urging the D.T Dobie boss to “help save a neglected vehicle” and that “Yours [no longer] patiently.”


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