Lonyangapuo: I sent deputy to U.S. for medical equipment

Lonyangapuo: I sent deputy to U.S. for medical equipment

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has dismissed claims of corruption after he was grilled over his deputy receiving a county salary yet he has a job in the U.S.

The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) recently quizzed Lonyangapuo even as he maintains that he sent his deputy to acquire medical equipment.

“The problem at Kapenguria Hospital is not lack of doctors but medical equipment because of high prices. We have no machines for cancer screening. We need Ksh.3billion for the equipment and the county gets 5.5 billion from the national government will not get money to buy all those equipment,” said Lonyangapuo.

The governor further stated that his deputy will be returning with some of the purchased medical equipment on Thursday, some of which he claims has already reached Mombasa.

Dr. Nicholas Atudonyang has not been in the county since he was sworn in a year ago apparently because he has a full time job in America.

According to the usnews.com, Dr. Atudonyang is a family medicine practitioner in Allen, Texas. However, Lonyangapuo still pays him as his deputy.

“He is coming with two 40-meter trailer containers of medical equipment and 500 laptops which reached Mombasa yesterday.

“He is not using county money. He is coming on Thursday and I will go on Sunday to Mombasa to bring the equipment,” the West Pokot Governor added.

The equipment, he said, are worth Ksh.200 million but have allegedly been acquired at Ksh.2million.

The governor further accused political opponents of propagating and dramatising his questioning at the EACC offices.

He dismissing it as mere politics and urged Kenyans to focus on the development of West Pokot.

“Ask me in 2022 what I have done, I have done development than other counties. I have given out Sahiwal bulls, 150 goats in every ward, chicken to every women and bursaries to ten thousand learners.

“Politics is over. It is bad to go and dramatise that I have been arrested. If you left office what’s itching you?,” he remarked.

Former West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin has been on record questioning the absence of West Pokot Deputy Governor Atudonyang with pay.

“How can one go away for over six months without working? This is corruption,” Kachapin said.

The ex-Governor also accused Lonyangapuo of prioritising unnecessary projects: “He is doing misplaced projects like giving out bulls yet residents need education, health and infrastructure.”




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