LSK objects nomination of Martha Koome, Philip Murgor for CJ post

LSK objects nomination of Martha Koome, Philip Murgor for CJ post

The Law Society of Kenya has objected the nomination of Justice Koome Martha, lawyer Philip Murgor and Prof. Kameri Mbote for Chief Justice or Supreme Court judges.

Havi claims that there is considerable doubt as to whether the three can serve as Chief Justice or judges of the Supreme Court and have recommended that the three should not be nominated for appointment .

“It is the legitimate expectation of LSK that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) will consider this information……,” reads the letter to the JSC.

The lawyers body has raised issue with the conduct of Justice Koome in three matters which they say are of public importance.

On Phillip Murgor, the LSK claims that on January 15, 2019, he was appointed as a public prosecutor for a period of two years and he took up criminal cases.

According to LSK president Nelson Havi, that was clear case of conflict of interest.

“He would later resign complaining that he had not been given ‘adequate security’,” the LSK President said.

According to LSK, that feeling of self importance and entitlement punctuates Murgor’s tenure in every public office he has held.

They opine that Murgor cannot be trusted with the office of Chief Justice.


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