Major city roads to be closed Saturday

Major city roads to be closed Saturday

The Diabetes Management Information (DMI) in partnership with Safaricom will hold the annual Kenya Diabetes Walk on Saturday, July 9th at the Carnivore Grounds.

The event will see several roads within Nairobi County closed and motorists forced to use alternative roads as from 7am to 12 pm.

Langata Road will be closed hence the motorists will divert and use the road towards City Centre which will be a dual carriage up to Haile Selassie Avenue/Uhuru Highway roundabout.

Uhuru Highway, specifically Mombasa Road  will be diverted at the Lusaka Road / Uhuru Highway roundabout and therefore the motorists can access the City Centre Road.

City Mortuary / Haile Selassie Avenue at Ngong Road near Kenya Library will be diverted therefore the motorists to proceed through Uhuru Highway /Kenyatta Avenue. Those from Ngong Road and Mbagathi can access the City Centre.

Uhuru Highway/Haile Selassie Roundabout will be closed and motorists from Railways roundabout and within that vicinity will be diverted to access it through Uhuru Highway /Kenyatta Avenue (Nyayo House) roundabout.

Mbagathi Way /Langata Road Roundabout will be closed and vehicles will be diverted to access City Centre and Silver Springs roundabout via Valley Road.

Upper Hill Road to Bunyala roundabout will be closed as vehicles accessing City Centre will use Uhuru Highway (wrong side).

Aerodrome Road will be closed.

There will be traffic officers to give directions to the motorists on the road diversions and maximum cooperation is expected.

The Nairobi walk is the first event of the Safaricom Diabetes walk with the second event scheduled for the 16th of July in Mombasa at the Butterfly Pavilion.



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