Migori residents decry frequent power outages

Migori residents decry frequent power outages

Residents of Migori County have complained over frequent power outages that they claim can last up to three days, resulting in the stalling of business activities in the county.

The residents are now blaming the unreliable power for the insecurity in the area, saying that the problem has persisted for the past two years and adding that the border between Kenya and Tanzania is the most affected.

Speaking about the issue, Migori County Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Samuel Rumo, expressed concern that the power situation could affect productivity in the region.

“This is a major threat to the county economy, many people will be afraid to invest in this county,’’ Mr Rumo warned.

Most small scale businesses in Migori Town such as barber shops remained closed on Sunday as the town suffered yet another long-term power outage.

The residents are now calling on the Kenya Power Company to work with the county government to find a solution to the problem.


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