MP Wahome, Keynan in chaotic debate over alleged Parliament’s ‘mileage cartel’

MP  Wahome, Keynan in chaotic debate over alleged Parliament’s ‘mileage cartel’

A debate on a cash crunch affecting Kenyan legislators degenerated into chaos on Tuesday after Kandara MP Alice Wahome took on her Eldas counterpart Adan Keynan.

The debate took a, dramatic, sudden sharp left turn after Kandara MP attempted to paint a picture of the August House’s cash crunch, claiming that some MPs had devised ways to drain the public coffers through dubious mileage claims.

According to Wahome, MPs who travel long distances, such as Keynan, end up earning more than Ksh. 1 million in travel allowances.

“MPs like me who live nearby and do not pass the 750 kilometers mileage range are not entitled to mileage allowance, but others who live further away end up making more than Ksh. 1 million!” Wahome exclaimed.

She claimed that most MPs, particularly those from the Mt Kenya region, receive very little to no mileage allowances.

“Those who come from the Mt. Kenya region in the farthest ends make maybe Ksh. 40,000 to Ksh. 60,000,” she said on Tuesday.

Her Eldas counterpart cut her off before she could finish her statement, accusing her of lying to the Kenyan public.

According to the MP, he travels roughly 1600 kilometers from his residence to the parliament precincts, when others may just travel 200 kilometers for the four sessions.

“Act with a bit of decorum and respect, that was not the topic of discussion, It is not good to lie, you wont get away with that,” MP Keynan interjected. “Where I come from its 1600 kilometers, another person in Turkana is more than 200 kilometers, these people need to be represented,”

Although the MP did not specify how much he earns in allowances, he did indicate that they are regulated by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and are not subject to the August House’s influence.

Wahome, who was threatening to leave the show and leave the Eldas MP to debate alone, accused the legislator of being part of a mileage cartel.

According to her, a twaddle of MPs in parliament were making a killing by making shady mileage claims.

Wahome claimed that most MPs falsify receipts to make mileage claims—which are paid for road transportation—after flying to parliament.

“They say they travel on the road, and they receive money but then they take flights and bring receipts that are not genuine, ” Wahome claimed.

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) June 22, 2021



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