MPs threaten to pull Kenya out of ICC

MPs threaten to pull Kenya out of ICC

Nakuru Town East Member of Parliament David Gikaria on Thursday cautioned that Kenya risk pulling out of International Criminal court (ICC) if recanted evidence is used against the Deputy President in the ongoing case at the ICC.

Speaking to football club officials in Eldama-Ravine town during the Football Kenya Federation campaigns held in Koibatek sub-county, Gikaria said Kenya through the  will pull out if the case is not dropped.

The legislator urged the African Member States to the Rome Statutes need to review the implication of the laws on their respective countries.

The remarks comes in the midst calls by jubilee members of parliament to have the case against the deputy president and the radio journalist sang be terminated.

“Let us protect our citizens, Let us defend the sovereignty of the nation of Kenya,” he said

The jubilee MP said he with other MPs and leaders will camp at the ICC when the case involving the Deputy President will take off.

“We warn the ICC not to use the recanted evidence, and if they use it, we will not allow the Deputy President to return to the ICC and we will advise him on the way forward if ICC does not respect the decision of Kenyans”.

The urge by the legislator comes barely weeks after the ICCmoved the dates for the oral hearing of the ‘no case to answer’ motion in the case of DP and Sang from November this year to January next year.

The Trial Chamber V (A) of the ICC said that it “vacates the dates of the oral hearings currently fixed for 24 and 25 November 2015 and moves the hearing dates to 14 and 15 January 2016.

The African Union said that its observations, if allowed by the Appeals Chamber of the ICC, are likely to assist in the proper determination of whether the amended rule can be applied in this case without offending prejudice to the rights of the accused

Over the last two weeks west Pokot legislator drafted a petition that seeks the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) and the United Nations (UN) to advice the International Criminal Court (ICC) on the application of Rule 68 in the case of DP and Sang.

In his motion, the legislator states that Kenya is ready to move out of the Rome statue if it will not listen to the petition signed by 190 members of Parliament.


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