Murder suspect wrestles three cops, breaks handcuffs before fleeing in Nakuru

Murder suspect wrestles three cops, breaks handcuffs before fleeing in Nakuru

Police officers have re-arrested a murder suspect who escaped while being escorted to a hospital on Thursday night.

In a police report which reads like a film script, the suspect identified as Francis Mwangi was being escorted to hospital for treatment by six police officers.

He was badly injured in the head and chest; police officers had just rescued him from a mob that was baying for his blood, according to the police report seen by Citizen Digital.

To ensure that he was properly subdued after his arrest, he was placed under handcuffs and flanked by three police officers inside the police land cruiser.

To be sure, three other officers followed the police land cruiser in a private car- a Nissan note- at safe distance.

When the procession was en route to the hospital, however, the script flipped; according to the police report, the injured prisoner became violent and began wrestling with the officers.

In the dramatic tussle that followed, the police driver stopped to inspect the cause of the raucous fight.

“The driver heard the commotion and stopped to inquire what was happening. The prisoner managed to break the handcuff and vanished into the bush before the officers on chase car arrived,” the police report says.

The officers requested reinforcements and a tracking dog from K9, but by Friday morning, no re-arrests had been made.

And on Friday morning, an irate mob descended on his homestead and set his house ablaze.

Meanwhile, free but injured, the suspect who is accused of killing a lady friend in Kirima on Thursday was on the run but his luck would soon run out on Friday afternoon after he was cornered by a mob at the Emboita area.

Again, police officers alerted to the incident rushed to the scene and re-arrested him.

Several videos showed a handful of people picketing at the Central Police station in Nakuru town where the suspect is being held.

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