Mututho denounces Mbugua, joins list of independent candidates

Mututho denounces Mbugua, joins list of independent candidates

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho on Wednesday denied allegations that he had dropped out of the Nakuru Gubernatorial race in favour of the incumbent, Kinuthia Mbugua.

Accusing Kinithia of shortchanging the electorate in his tenure as Governor, Mututho ruled out any chances of partnership with the incumbent.

Arguing that the Jubilee Party primaries were unfair, Mututho declared that he would be running as an independent for Nakuru County’s top seat.

He also refuted claims that he was backing Jubilee ticket holder Lee Kinyanjui, asserting that any such reports were completely false.

Kinyanjui clinched the Jubilee party ticket after garnering 216,387 votes against Kinuthia Mbugua’s 150,137 votes while Mututho was a distant third with 30,487 votes.

Mututho, who previously served as National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) chair, faulted the government for abandoning the fight against drugs during this political period.

He went on to claim that some young people were killed after consuming illegal liquor smuggled from Uganda. Mututho said that these deaths could have been avoided if authorities hadn’t absconded their duties.

Explaining why he should take the seat from Kinuthia come August 8, Mututho said that he would deliver on his campaign promises.

Ha also promised to continue with his fight against drug and alcohol abuse – vices that he said had greatly harmed the youth.

Mututho will face Jubilee’s Lee Kinyanjui and Kinuthia Mbugua who is also an independent candidate.


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