My father was ‘eliminated’, Mutula Junior tells inquest

My father was ‘eliminated’, Mutula Junior tells inquest

The death of former Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo was  a “well organized elimination in collaboration with workers or persons close to him or both – which was followed by a massive cover up,” his son, Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, told a Machakos court on Monday, September 25.

The Makueni senator told the inquest that samples extracted from his father’s body for toxicology examination in the United Kingdom were ‘withheld’ in the country for nine days before being flown out.

The Senator, who was testifying during an ongoing judicial inquest into his late father’s death claimed a leading city hospital, and a combined team of both family and government pathologists might have been involved in what he referred to as a “calculated collaboration” to conceal the cause of his father’s death.

In his testimony, Mutula Junior said an email by a privately sourced UK-based pathologist, Prof Ian Calder, addressed to local pathologists and copied to him, indicated that the 64 samples extracted from his father’s body which were received in the UK had not been sealed.

“Prof Calder stated clearly that he went out of his way (of professional ethics) because of the magnitude of the matter and examined unsealed samples and advised Dr Gachie and Dr Musau (local pathologists involved in the process) that he could not sign his report unless he received sealed samples,” Mutula Junior said.

However, Makueni senator explained that the UK-based pathologist, notwithstanding absence of sealed samples, arrived at a conclusion that the deceased had ingested a substance that “caused catastrophic hemorrhage.”

“That was Episode Two of the cove-up of my father’s death because there was no explanation as to why the samples had not been sealed, and why the family was not informed of the same,” he told Senior Resident Magistrate Kipkirui Kibellion.

Mutula Junior dismissed an earlier autopsy report presented to the same court by a Nakuru-based pathologist, Dr S.W. Mwangi,which pointed to a possibility of “overdose” of a nasal decongestant.

“The theory that he could have overdosed himself is absolutely part of the cover-up. The death of my father was a well calculated elimination in collaboration with workers or persons close to him or both, which was followed up by massive cover up,” he said.

According to Mutula Junior, the State had failed to seek and get explanations on why the samples were withheld in Nairobi for nine days and under whose custody they were.

“The management of Nairobi Hospital has never been questioned about storage of samples and no statement on chain of custody has been issued,” he said.

The senator said it was strange that despite having launched a complaint with the Director of Public Prosecutions over the issues, no action had been taken.

“My idea was to get to know of any possibility of criminal act in the process. But I am greatly pained because the death of such a person as Mutula Kilonzo should not have been treated so casually,” he said.

Mutula Junior added that the death of his late father was treated casually. He rubbished as baseless a report showing that his father consumed pellets with pepsi soda, claiming Mutula Senior never consumed soda or any carbonated drink.

“It was a cover up,” he said.

“On the position he was found lying, it suggested he had been put in bed. It was unusual,” said the Makueni Senator, adding “He was lying on his back, his legs put together and the said pellets had no prescription on them.”

Mutula Junior said the last time he saw his father was on April 26, 2013 at 10.00 am.

“We had issues to discuss with him,” said Mutula Jnr.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss an election petition and the late Mutula was to sign an affidavit. Both agreed that it was to be done the following Monday with the late Mutula driving himself at midday, the court heard.

“He was well at that time, given he was a regular gym goer.”

Mutula Junior revealed he last talked to his father on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 7.30 pm via an SMS.

Mutula Junior said that on Saturday, April 27, 2013, he received a text message from one Mwaniki, the farm manager, which read that Mutula Senior.was “very sick.”

“Mwaniki asked me to go to the farm urgently,” said Mutula Junior.

“On arriving at my dad’s farm, I found Mwaniki, the Kyulu farm manager, Kitiku the driver, Kelli the cleaner, and Mutuku the official government driver,” said Mutula Junior.

Junior said his father was covered to his chest, with foam coming out of his mouth.

“I tried waking him up, but he was stiff. His body had already become cold.”

“Dr Mwangi arrived at dad’s farm accompanied by Kamanza Musau. When he realised dad was dead, he went downstairs came and came with a camcorder and recorded the incident.

“A police officer from Machakos arrived an hour later and took photographs of the scene, bedroom and bathroom. I was surprised he claimed in court that he had never seen the photos.”

Mutula Kilonzo Junior said half a litre bottle of water and Delmonte juice were among items found in the room.


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