Nakuru family searching for their missing 7-year-old son Jevis Osiro

Nakuru family searching for their missing 7-year-old son Jevis Osiro

A Nakuru family is searching for their missing 7-year-old son who disappeared a week ago from their rental house in Kaptembwa, Nakuru Town West, adding to the number of worrying cases of abduction in the country.

It has been particularly tough week for 25-year-old Rita Akinyi, a mother of two; her son Jevis Osiro disappeared on Saturday last week.

“Tulikuwa tumekaa kwa nyumba the whole day tulikuwa tunawatch tu, akaniitisha chips nikampea pesa kaenda akanunua…baadaye akarudi akaniambia anataka kunywa maji…alafu akaniambia anaenda choo kujisaidia, vile alitoka hivo hakurudi tena,” she said.

Rita says her son was  playing within the compound before his disappearance.

“Niliambia sistake aende amvalishe sweater, akarudi akaniambia hapatikani, mimi nikadhani labda ni kawaida tu atarudi,” she added.

Charles Rono, Nakuru West Deputy OCPD, on his part stated: “On 1st of this month she came and made the report about the missing juvenile, we started investigations, and what I promise is that my officers are on the ground.”

Jevis Osiro joined AGC Primary School in Kaptembwa, Nakuru County, as a Grade One pupil on Tuesday July 27, 2021 having missed 7 days of school already; the mother  can now only hope that the son would return safe and sound.

“Naomba mtu yeyote mwenye anaweza kuwa amemwona mahali, ama kama mtu amemfungia mahali, anirudishie mtoto,” said Rita.

The matter was reported to the Kaptembwa Police Station but area residents are reporting a spike in cases of child abductions in the last 2 months as they call for security to be beefed up.

“There are isolated cases but a good number have gone through positive investigations but of late we haven’t received any information about child abductions,” said Rono.


Nakuru County missing Jevis Osiro

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