Nkararo-Enoreteet clashes: One more person killed as death toll rises to 4

Tensions remain high in Transmara, Narok County, as another fatality was reported on Saturday morning, raising the death toll to four.

The border between Nkararo and Enoreteet also witnessed the destruction of a sugar plantation.

Transmara West sub-county Commander Jamleck Ngaruiya said that a collaborative effort involving officers from GSU, RDU, AP, and ASTU is actively patrolling the border to address the escalating situation.

The ongoing clashes, now on the third day this week, involved the use of firearms, resulting in an undisclosed number of casualties with arrow-inflicted injuries. 

Further, three houses were torched in the recent attack. Concerned residents on both sides of the border are urging Interior Cbainet Secretary Kithure Kindiki to visit and restore calm.

Police intelligence is pointing towards potential political involvement in the recent clashes, further intensifying the need for intervention and resolution. 

“Walifika wakaua mtu tunahuzunika sana because these were promising youth that were killed...polisi hawakuwa na inasikitishwa sana,” said a victim.

“Watoto wetu wanakufa kila siku na tunasikia uchungu tunataka serikali ikue.”


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