North Eastern MPs want Jirongo summoned over claim Moi regime dumped toxic waste in the area

North Eastern MPs want Jirongo summoned over claim Moi regime dumped toxic waste in the area

Section of legislators from North Eastern Kenya are now calling upon Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to investigate allegations by former presidential candidate Cyrus Jirongo that the Moi regime dumped toxic waste in the region. 

The MPs want Jirongo to record a statement in regards to his revelation president Daniel Moi ordered toxins including nuclear waste to be dumped in the region and is now associated with high cases or cancer reported in the North Eastern part of the country.

Led by Tarbaj MP Hussein Abdi Bare and Wajir South MP Mohammed Adoh the legislators called on DCI to summon Jirongo for his allegations. 

In his Savage Politics podcast, Jirongo alleged Moi regime disposed toxic chemicals in North Easter, which are associated with cases of cancer. Sentiments that have rattled leaders from the region. 

‘’We want DCI to interrogate this particular leader the velocity of his sentiments- he might divulge more on what we don't know!. Maybe that's the reason we are experiencing many cancer patients from the region," Barre  said. 

At the same time, the leaders accused successive governments of systematically keeping the region underdeveloped since Kenya got her independence in 1963.

Addressing the media at Parliament buildings, the legislators also demanded commencement of Isiolo-Mandera road which was funded by World Bank at a staggering budget of Ksh.2 billion several years back.

They say due to ragging floods caused by the ongoing rains, several parts of North Eastern have been cut off, rendering roads impassable. 

“The dilapidated status of our roads is affecting the lives of millions of Kenyans. Is it because we were marked as people who can't offer anything? Today we have contributed to the economy of this country by producing high quality meat from the region. No single road has been constructed to completion since independence,” Wajir South MP Mohammed Adow stated. 

They claimed the said amount which was meant to construct that road from Isiolo-Mandera was partly used to build Kericho-Maralal road instead. 

Adow said the dilapidated and untarmacked status of several roads within the region makes it impassable during the rainy seasons as well being used as hideouts for criminals. 


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