ODM alleges death squad in police unit to execute Kenyans

ODM alleges death squad in police unit to execute Kenyans

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) now alleges that there is a special unit within the police force whose duty is to execute Kenyans with an aim of settling economic and political scores.

In a statement to newsrooms, ODM – through its communications department – argues that many Kenyans have been executed by people in power to either settle personal, political or economic scores, drawing an example in the murder of controversial businessman Jacob Juma by unknown people.

“The ODM wishes to inform the public that it believes there is a death squad within the national police which is being used to settle both political and economic scores. This is our understanding of the unresolved death of Jacob Juma. This is illegal and must end immediately,” read the ODM statement.

The opposition party further alleges that the ‘death squad’ was created in the wake of the 2007/08 post election violence cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC) to kill and enforce disappearance of witnesses.

“The ODM wishes to draw the attention of the Public that since 2007/08 post-election violence, the justification for killing and enforcing disappearances of Kenyans was due to the ICC cases. Some of these Kenyans were believed to be witnesses at the ICC. However, with the collapse of the cases, it appears those who were used to intimidate, abduct and kill witnesses have found new assignments: to terrorize and kill Kenyans.”

ODM argues that the police force cannot be trusted to ensure victims of these extra-judicial killings get justice arguing that they are culpable of most of these murders.

ODM statement comes days after lawyer Willie Kimani, his client Josephat Mwendwa and their taxi driver Joseph Muiruri were murdered after attending a court session at the Mavoko Law Courts in Machakos County.

“We are not surprised that Mr. Josephat Mwenda, in seeking justice, ended up being a victim of injustice. This is what we have been referring to as ‘The Return of The Dark Past’.”

ODM accuses the Jubilee administration of taking the murder allegations against police officers lightly by failing to take action against them. It further wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to declare extra-judicial killings a national disaster.

“The ODM takes great exception at the silence of the top Jubilee leadership, particularly the President, on the ongoing murders. Kenyans need an assurance that they are not on their own. Only those who currently hold the instrument of power can give that assurance. These are the rare instances when the President needs to address the nation. We have a national crisis, it is time the President declares extra-judicial killings a national disaster,” further read the ODM statement.

ODM has also joined calls by the Law Society of Kenya for Interior CS Major Gen. (Rtd.) Joseph Nkaissery, Inspector General Joseph Boinnet and Director of Criminal Investigations Muhoro Ndegwa to resign with immediate effect.

“The ODM calls for immediate resignation of Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett, Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro and Cabinet Secretary in charge Gen. Joseph Nkaissery. In societies where citizens hold public officers accountable, these officials would have resigned voluntarily.”

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