One suspect shot dead as police foil an attempted mugging in Mathare

One suspect shot dead as police foil an attempted mugging in Mathare

Detectives rescued a victim of a violent robbery within the Mathare area of Nairobi on Thursday night.

Three armed robbers approached the victim as she walked home in Mathare, according to a police report.

“After a day-long toil, the victim was walking back to her home moments after nightfall oblivious of the gun-wielding gang lurking in the shadows at Mathare’s Kiboro Bridge,” the police report says.

According to the cops, the woman was walking home with some goods she had purchased on her way home when she walked right into the gang’s trap.

“With shopping stashed in her handbag, the lady had walked right into the jaws of the felonious pack, which subdued her immediately in an attempt to make a quick kill out of her sweat,” the police report adds.

The scuffle was witnessed by Pangani police officers who had been alerted to the escalating mugging events along the bridge and sprung into action.

“Having beckoned the victim to a safe cover, the officers challenged the suspects to surrender, but the trio defied the lawful order,” the police said.

Two of the suspects are said to have defied the order before taking off at top speed.

A third suspect who was wielding a pistol opened fire at the cops and in the resulting shootout, he was shot dead.

“Trail on the two suspects who escaped was fruitless, but recovery of two machetes and the victim’s handbag containing cash and shopping dropped by them as they beetled off was made,” the police added.

A pistol was recovered from the suspected gangster shortly after the shootout as well as bag with supplies and some cash.



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