Only 41 per cent of Kenyans will take a COVID-19 vaccine, new poll shows

Only 41 per cent of Kenyans will take a COVID-19 vaccine, new poll shows

A new poll by TIFA Research has shown that only 41 per cent of Kenyans will take a COVID-19 vaccine without any objection.

The poll revealed that 11% of Kenyans do not intend to go for a COVID-19 vaccine at all even if offered for free while another 47% will adopt a wait-and-see approach to monitor its side effects before making a decision.

The research stated that 63% of citizens – a majority of them women – especially in Nyanza region and Nairobi, are concerned about contracting coronavirus.

“More than one third of respondents (36%) say they know at least one person who has been infected by COVID-19, and nearly as many (32%) say they know someone who has died from it,” read the report released on Wednesday.

On the economy, 70% of Kenyans feel that their current status is worse than it was in December 2019.

50% are however hopeful that their personal/family economic situation will be better next year while 25% feel it will be worse; 9% expect it to remain the same while 16% are not sure.

“A majority (62%) of Kenyans say that they will spend less during the festive season than they spent during this period in 2019,” added the report.

“Majority of Kenyans (75%) intend to celebrate Christmas with family. Most of these family gatherings will include elderly relatives in spite of the cautionary remarks made by Ministry of Health officials.”

The research further stated that only 16% of Kenyans intend to travel out of the county they reside during this year’s festive season, down from 40% last year.


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