Over 500 Moi University students duped in fees scandal

Over 500 Moi University students duped in fees scandal

Hundreds of students Moi University have either been forced to pay school fees twice in order to sit their examinations or defer their studies after they were lured into paying their fees to individuals working at the university’s finance department.

The victims of the scam are said to have been approached by fellow students working under instructions from unnamed top officials in the finance department.

A faceless cartel sitting at the helm of the finance department at the Moi University administration block. has driven the conversation in the university for the last one week with tell tales of how undergraduate students, majority of whom are said to be from Moi University West Campus popularly referred to as KPA were made to part away with thousands of shillings.

“We received text messages informing us about students who were awarded bursaries but had already cleared their fees. They told us they would use the funds to clear our fees instead…. Moments after its done, you check the system and you find you fee is cleared. You are even able to print the fee statement,” narrated one student.

“When I got to the exam room is when it reflected differently, now showing that there were no funds,” lamented another student.

An official at the finance department who spoke to Citizen TV on condition of anonymity revealed that the cartel had already swindled Ksh.5 million from unsuspecting students.

“ Everything was right, you were able to sign the nominal role, print the exam card, basically everything you needed to do because your fee was cleared, but when you go to sit for your exam you are told that your bursary was reversed,” said one student.

While the university administration has blamed the students for failing to follow the provided guidelines on fee payment, questions still abound as to how a trusted Moi University online portal was manipulated to the level of enabling and showing incorrect details.

Further, reports indicate that the number of students preferring the short cut rose this year due to the influence from students who are said to have succeeded last year.

Two officials have since been suspended from the university with the administration beginning investigations.


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