Police ask woman being harassed in viral video at Kitengela's Rixxos Lounge to file complaint

Police ask woman being harassed in viral video at Kitengela's Rixxos Lounge to file complaint

The National Police Service (NPS) wants the woman captured in the now-viral video of a female employee being allegedly harassed by her male employer as she demanded her wages at Kitengela's Rixxos Lounge to file a formal complaint with the police.

While noting that it had already commenced investigations into the incident, NPS in a statement on Thursday said it could not proceed with legal action against the man until the woman filed an official complaint, on the same, at any local police station.  

"The National Police Service has taken note of a distasteful video clip circulating on social media showing a man alleged to be the owner of Rixxos Lounge in Kitengela harassing and threatening a female employee demanding her unpaid salary," said NPS.

"In accordance with the National Police Service to serve and protect all citizens we have commenced our investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, we are urging the lady in the video to file a formal complaint at any police station to enable the police take the most appropriate legal action into the matter."

In the video which has been trending on Twitter since Wednesday afternoon, the man can be heard hurling insults at the female attendant while explicitly stating that he will not pay the woman what he owes her.

He goes as far as telling the woman that she can't do anything to him since he is allegedly 'close' friends with President William Ruto.

"I am not paying you. Mshenzi wewe, kwani unadhani unaeza nipeleka wapi? I talk with the president, my friend," said the man while pointing to what was presumably a picture of him and President Ruto on his phone.

"You can't take me anywhere; I talk to the president directly. Mimi nikisema nikukalie saa hii utaenda na kesi mbaya. Utakuwa unanipigia simu unanibeg. Nishakuambia sikulipi."  


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