Police intensify hunt for the killers of Charity Kemboi and her son in Nairobi

Police intensify hunt for the killers of Charity Kemboi and her son in Nairobi

Homicide detectives and investigators from Buruburu Police Station on Thursday made a second visit at the government quarters apartments along Jogoo road where the bodies of a mother, her son and a male adult were found on Tuesday.

The detectives dusted the one-bedroom apartment as they sought answers on the deaths of Charity Kemboi, her son Allan Kipngetich and a male adult only identified as Kevin, ahead of post mortem examinations slotted for Friday.

At the house that has since been designated a scene of crime and locked, the detectives reconstructed the scene as they tried to figure out events before the murders.

The bodies of Charity Kemboi and Allan Kipngetich were found on the floor in the bedroom. Detectives dusted the room to establish whether there was a third person in it.

The body of Kevin, the male adult believed to be a University student, was found in the toilet, in a sitting position with his hands and legs tied together using a laptop charger cable.

Sources say his shirt was also ripped, raising the possibility of a struggle. Investigators also combed through the living room that was in disarray.

The joint team of detectives believe there is a possibility of one or more assailants who orchestrated the murders.

Several people are expected to be interrogated including Allan Kipngetich’s father, Kenneth Kiptanui who discovered all was not well. Kiptanui told detectives that he received a call from his son’s school after he failed to attend classes on Monday.

He visited Charity’s home after failing to get her on phone and found the bodies.

Autopsies on the bodies of the three will be conducted Friday at Chiromo mortuary.


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