President Ruto: The era of lawlessness will come to an end

President Ruto: The era of lawlessness will come to an end

President William Ruto presides over the first Mashujaa Day celebrations under his Administration on October 20, 2022. PHOTO | PPS

President William Ruto has said that Kenya’s security forces will defend the safety and security of Kenyans without using extrajudicial means.

While addressing the first Mashujaa Day celebrations under his Administration on Thursday, the President said the era of lawlessness in many parts of the country, which has denied millions of Kenyans the opportunity to benefit from the country’s economic development, will come to an end following reforms being implemented by the Government in the security sector. 

“There are parts of this country where personal safety and security are precarious, and life expectancy is low. Poverty and the cost of living are high because markets and supply chains have been disrupted or threatened by insecurity. The well-being of residents is as paramount as that of every other citizen of Kenya,” said the President.

“Criminals have held them back, extinguishing or deferring far too many hopes and dreams as the rest of the country progresses. It is time for this lawlessness to stop for good. Our government has undertaken necessary personnel realignments in the security services to facilitate the rapid achievement of our objectives.”

He said his directives on the financial autonomy of the National Police Service and reforms in the Directorate of Criminal Investigation will enable the rapid achievement of national security strategic objectives.

He said a professional police service does not have to use extrajudicial tactics or partisan agenda to fulfil the security goals of the country.

“We can efficiently and effectively suppress crime, monitor, disrupt and apprehend criminals without abducting, torturing, killing or causing citizens to disappear. It is time to retire these terrible tactics and professionalise our criminal justice system,” said President Ruto.

The President said his goal to ensure the police maintain high professional standards and scrupulous adherence to the law informed his directive for the dissolution of a unit at the DCI that was called the Special Services Squad.

At the international and regional scene, President Ruto said Kenya was a dependable partner that continues to contribute to global progress.

“In an increasingly interconnected world, our well-being depends on the engagement with our neighbours, continental fraternity and international partners. In all these arenas, Kenya has continued to be a dependable ally, faithful friend and effective partner, ever committed to win-win bilateral as well as multilateral outcomes that achieve mutual gains for the benefit of humanity,” said the Head of State.

He said Kenya continues to sustain its Pan-Africanist credentials and was committed to its obligations to meet the demands of fast-evolving global circumstances.

He added that Kenya is committed to the pursuit of trade to move forward Pan-African ideals and create shared prosperity.

President Ruto said Kenya is also committed to maintaining strong strategic relations with key development partners the US, the UK, the EU, Middle Eastern nations and the Far East including China and Japan.


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