Prince Abura, late afro-jazz sensation Achieng Abura’s son dies

Prince Abura, late afro-jazz sensation Achieng Abura’s son dies

Prince Abura, the son of late afro-jazz sensation Achieng Obura, has died. 

According to his guardian, Hellen Mtawali, Prince died in his sleep aged 28.

“I announce today, with a humble heart, Prince Abura’s passing to glory in his sleep,” Helen Mtawali said.

Prince had been battling sickle-cell anaemia since childhood and had been diagnosed with a heart condition in 2011. 

The late Prince was set to graduate from Riara University in September of this year where he cut a niche as a computer programmer and sketch artist.

Prior to her death, information about Achieng Abura’s son’s battle with sickle cell disease became public.

Ksh. 12 million was urgently needed for Ms Abura son’s treatment – and due to the nature of the condition, he was to be airlifted to the United Kingdom for advanced treatment.

“The alternative is to have a doctor, a nurse, myself and him on business class for KSh4 million. So we are trying to raise KSh4 million,” she said in July, 2016.

Ms Abura, known for her vocals and time as Tusker Project Fame (TPF) principal, launched an online fundraising campaign to help pay for her son’s medical bills.

Ms Abura was thus tasked to look for Ksh. 4 million for her son’s urgent medical care. She set a date for a fundraiser – and few of her friends turned up; leaving her to fight for her son nearly alone.

“I called a harambee and there was less than 10 people. Then we did a show with Suzanne, Makadem… a big line-up. Still, we didn’t get the numbers. I’ve raised money for so many things and I was hoping that somebody in turn says, “Okay, let’s support her.” I have learnt one thing from this experience; the people who don’t have that much are the ones who donate to help. But the people who you are certain have, they don’t give,” she told Business Daily.

“…This experience has brought me new friends and it has also taught me that the ones I thought were my friends are not quite my friends… if you drop a little they take off.”

She died in October 2016, however, before her son was admitted to the hospital.




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