Prof. Magoha vetting session as it happened

Prof. Magoha vetting session as it happened

Prof. George Magoha was on Thursday vetted in Parliament for the Education CS position. He was nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 1, 2019. If members of the National Assembly approve his nomination, he will be sworn in to office, taking over over from Amb Amina Mohamed who was moved to the Sports docket after her predecessor Rashid Echesa was sacked.


Magoha on his tenure at the University of Nairobi: The university of Nairobi tower is not as a result of a loan, it’s just prudent financial management. Never trust anyone even when you delegate duties you don’t delegate fully, if you do you lose power.  When I took over at the University of Nairobi, there were many stalled projects, we completed them. My weakness is working backwards, I start from the goal I want to achieve.

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) March 14, 2019

Magoha on NEMIS registration: No child will be denied a chance to get an education. Failure is not in my vocabulary, I have always excelled in what I do.

Magoha on Corruption: …If you are required to earn a wage you should work for it. I believe in second chances.

Magoha on conflict of interest and ethnic balance: I believe I was nominated because of what I can do, but if I was appointed because I am Luo I would respectfully turn it down. I wouldn’t want to have the political tag. I don’t want to be in a silo. I am not going to be taken to the level of tribe, my bodyguard Too has been with me for 10 years, he is not a Luo.

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) March 14, 2019

Gwasi MP John Mbadi: Some people say that you are mechanical in your approach and a dictator. What are the long term measures that you have entrenched in KNEC to safeguard the future of students.

Magoha: I am definitely not mechanical. I am a top grade professor. I am going to dark room possibly full of snakes, I must study the ministry of education if you approve me,I work from the backroom. I am a surgeon, I identify the problem then deal with it and leave. I don’t expect to agree with everyone, if you agree with everyone its a problem. I am happy that the President chose the ministry of education, KNEC is now under me, fully under my watch.

Magoha on his net worth: I am as naked as you want me to be. I worked in an oil rich country for 16 years I was not stupid, I did some investments.

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) March 14, 2019

Magoha on the new curriculum: The new curriculum is good, it should have been brought in earlier. The reason I support it is because I have been on the other side looking for employees. The new curriculum is one of those things I will ensure is successful. I will sleep new curriculum, wake-up new curriculum. It is something that is deliverable. We have to to train teachers for the CBC. I will make sure that by August-September the curriculum for grade 4 is ready. I learnt from Starehe that you complete your task ahead of time. The new curriculum will ensure skills are put to good use.

Magoha on unapproved programmes in universities:  There has been a proliferation of universities, this is issue of unapproved programmes could be related to the increased expansion of universities. Oxford University has 80 colleges. Going forward we have to ensure the degree you are taking is approved in the university you are going to.

Magoha on university fee increment: I support the university fee increment because things change. A sit-down with students is crucial to reach an understanding.

Magoha on why Dr. Matiang’i is his first referee on his CV: Dr. Matiang’i proposed my name to the President to head KNEC, so he is best placed to speak about my tenure there.

Mumias MP Benjamin Washiali: There is a policy that when University of Nairobi VCs retire, they continue earning full salary, with an assistant, researcher, driver paid by the university. Can you confirm that you are still earning the full salary? Will you frustrate the UON?

Magoha: The policy that I am benefiting from was started by others. I did not hire a researcher, or a Secretary. I want to assure that I am a full blown Kenyan.

Even the jubilee hardcores will not deliver as much as I will. I will serve the commander in chief. I will not listen to the politics. There are are people singing jubilee all over the place but when you measure I will have done more.

Magoha: The greatest enemy to the big four agenda is corruption. The Nairobi University tower cost Ksh.2.4billion. The government should ensure value for money.




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