Raila dismisses DP Ruto’s ‘Deep State’ claims

Raila dismisses DP Ruto’s ‘Deep State’ claims

ODM leader Raila Odinga has dismissed claims by Deputy President William Ruto that there exists a ‘Deep State’ that is seeking to block his ascension to President in 2022.

In a press briefing on Thursday, Odinga said he holds no position in government and is therefore not aware of the existence of a so-called ‘Deep State’.

“As you know, where I am I hold no position in the government of the Republic of Kenya. Kenya is led by the President whose name you know and his deputy whose name you also know. So if you are talking about the ‘deep State’, who is there? It’s the president and his deputy,” said Odinga.

“Go and ask Mr Deputy President which deep State are you talking about… we are not in government as ODM. So we don’t know about this deep state.”

Raila Odinga: I hold no position in the government; it is led by the President and his deputy, whose names you know. So if you’re talking about the ‘Deep State’, who is there? It’s the President and his deputy. pic.twitter.com/ofxpA7oHGO

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) August 13, 2020

In a bold attack against unnamed faceless individuals infamously known as the system or deep state, Ruto on Tuesday accused the group of erecting roadblocks on his State House bid and dared them to bring it on.

“Ati iko watu watatuibia kura hata mkipiga kura namna gani, kuna watu wamekaa mahali fulani wataamua, hawa watu tunawangojea hiyo deep state tunangojea, hiyo system tunangojea, watakuja na system sisi tunakuja na watu na mwenyezi mungu,” said DP Ruto.

The ‘deep State’ in Kenya’s political circles is believed to have great influence on who takes up influential positions, they not only bankroll individuals they support but also make decisions that influence governance and development initiatives.

Raila Odinga’s elder brother Oburu Odinga had last week implied that they were finally assured of winning the 2022 election since the so-called system was now on their side, statements that sparked the fire within the deputy president’s camp.

“Why have we not gone to State House when we have won the presidency before? It’s because there is something we have been missing. That thing is called system. And now we are with Uhuru Kenyatta who is holding the system,” said Oburu.

The ODM leader maintains that those were Oburu Odinga’s personal sentiments.


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