Raila’s Canaan ‘breaks the internet’ ahead of polls

Raila’s Canaan ‘breaks the internet’ ahead of polls

With only four days to the General Election zealous supporters of National Super Alliance (NASA) can’t seem contain their anxiety to get to their promised land of Canaan.

Kenyan Twitterati and Facebook users have literally broke the internet have flooded the internet with what they hope to be when they eventually cross over to Canaan. This Canaan hysteria has also Jubilee supporters with no choice but play and laugh along.

NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, used the allegory of Canaan to symbolize the political journey that Kenyans have been on since Independence when he was named the opposition’s flag-bearer.

Raila told Kenyans that, like Joshua from the Bible led the Israelites to cross to the land God had promised Abraham and his descendants, he too would help them cross to Canaan, the land of milk and honey if elected the President on August 8th.

These are some of the few illustrations that have flooded social media platforms.

To some, Canaan is the land of milk and honey and Egypt is just… well, Egypt.










As some take Canaan quite literally to be beyond the Kenyan border, some believe it’s just where Raila hails, Bondo.















Apparently in Canaan, there is a special place set aside for ‘Fisilets’, it’s called Galilaya, so if you are one, despair not, you are safe.













Did you know that, with Kshs211, 233 you are sorted to use Taxify or Uber to Canaan?











If you have pending bills, not a fan of bulk messages from provider services then Canaan couldn’t come at a better time. This lad was confident to shun Zuku from entering Canaan.












A tech-savvy Kenyans created a website that uses users Facebook data to determine if they qualify to enter Canaan and if they do what name and career they would take up after entering the promised land.


raila NASA Canaan

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