Sponsored: REDAVIA brings renowned solar carport product to Kenya in deal with Wadi Degla Club

Sponsored: REDAVIA brings renowned solar carport product to Kenya in deal with Wadi Degla Club

REDAVIA, a global market leader of cost-effective, reliable, and clean solar power for businesses, signed a solar carport lease with Wadi Degla, a state-of-the-art sports, social, and leisure centre.

The Wadi Degla is a social and sports club in Kenya, located within the residential area of Runda in Nairobi. Wadi Degla provides sports and social facilities, including squash courts, tennis courts, soccer, a half-olympic-sized pool, restaurants, and the Tara spa. 

As a responsible corporation, Wadi Degla has been looking for a way to track and reduce its environmental footprint. With rising electrical grid prices leading to high operational costs, the search for a cost-effective and clean energy source became more urgent. As a club, Wadi Degla needed an elegant solution to match the design of its high-end facilities, and REDAVIA had the perfect solution: the REDAVIA Fast Track Solar 40 Carport (FTS-40CP). 

Following the success of the FTS-40CP in Ghana, REDAVIA is bringing the solar carport to Kenya. REDAVIA’s premium carport system provides affordable, clean energy to power Wadi Degla’s facilities and also a premium aluminum carport to provide shading and protection of vehicles. This model guarantees a luxury parking experience for Wadi Degla’s members. 

Additionally, REDAVIA provides 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance of the solar farm, ensuring optimum energy output. This full-service package relieves Wadi Degla of the operational considerations of the solar farm, while still providing them with the tools to monitor their improved environmental footprint. 

“We are looking forward to the design and functionality of REDAVIA’s solar carport,” said Wadi Degla’s Operations Director, Mr. Ashraf Nasim. “Wadi Degla Club is thrilled to have found a partner who understands the balance of our three energy goals: to decrease our carbon emissions, to lower operational costs, and to provide our customers with a premier luxury experience.” 

Erwin Spolders, CEO & founder of REDAVIA, confirmed: “REDAVIA is delighted to help Wadi Degla, a truly marquee partner, with our clean, affordable solar carport and luxury parking experience. Beyond Wadi Degla, we look forward to continuing to expand our customer base in the health and hospitality sectors throughout Kenya.” 


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