REREC lights up Hulugho Town to spur economy and keep Al-Shabaab away

REREC lights up Hulugho Town to spur economy and keep Al-Shabaab away

Residents of Hulugho Sub-county in Garissa have every reason to smile after the government through the Ministry of Energy installed a 275KVA power supply and connectivity project.

The Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC) has connected Hulugho town, which lies 17 kilometers from the Kenya–Somalia border, in a historic move which seeks to empower residents economically, as well as keep Al-Shabaab away.

The project was officially commissioned by Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter who was accompanied by REREC CEO, CPA Peter Mbugua saw 110 residents connected to electricity.

Since independence Hulugho has never been connected to electricity, making it unattractive to investors and a soft spot for Al-Shabaab militants to strike.

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter said that the government will supply electricity to all the residents in the area within two weeks.

During the commissioning of the Hulugho power plant which is now providing power to the town , seven public facilities which include a police station , 5 schools and a health centre were connected to electricity with an aim of ensuring that tthe area enjoys stable and reliable power.

“We request you to use this electricity to start income generating activities and we also ask you to take care of the Hulugho power station which we have commissioned, because it belongs to you , and if it gets vandalized, then the town will be plunged into darkness once more,“ pleaded REREC CEO , CPA Peter Mbugua.

Energy CS Charles Keter said that the government was intentional in connecting 14 arid and semi-arid areas to electricity and had already set aside 15 billion shillings in order to complete that task.

Garissa County will receive Ksh.1.2 billion towards that venture which will mainly be used for constructing hybrid mini grids which will use solar energy and diesel powered machines to generate electricity

The CS revealed that the government has set aside Ksh.1.2 billion for Garissa County, which will be used to set up and supply hybrid power connectivity from both solar and diesel to boreholes and all schools.

Keter further said that power connectivity in the area will boost security through street lighting famously known as ‘mulika mwizi’.

Garissa is part of the Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASAL counties), which experience high temperatures making goods such as milk and fruits highly perishable without refrigerators.

This is the first time Hulugho Sub County is getting power connectivity, which is going to boost their businesses in many ways, aid water pumping and most likely help students in studying extra time after school.


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