CCTV footage believed to be from Babu Owino gun drama

CCTV footage believed to be from Babu Owino gun drama

CCTV footage believed to be from the shooting incident involving Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and a DJ on Friday morning at B Club has emerged.

The footage seen by Citizen Digital reveals a snippet of what allegedlly took place before a man believed  to be Babu Owino whipped out his gun and shot a man next to him.

Police later revealed the identity of the man as Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve.

The shooter is spotted dressed in an orange golf t-shirt, smoking what from what appears to be a sheesha bong.

An unidentified man and a woman are standing next to him.

The victim who is also nearby, approaches the man believed to be the MP.

In the blink of an eye, a gun goes off and the victim falls to the floor as revelers scamper for safety.

Moments later, two men are seen carrying out the victim by his feet and hands. The 18-second clip ends there.

CCTV Footage believed to be from the B-Club incident in which a resident DJ was shot. Video source: K24tv

Police said the victim, who was critically injured, was taken to the Nairobi Hospital.

On Friday morning, Lawyer Cliff Ombeta had claimed that his client Babu Owino had been provoked during the 7am incident at B Club.

“He (Owino) was approached in a non-friendly manner by someone he considered a friend and a physical fight ensued,” Ombeta said.

The lawyer further noted that his client had apparently told police in November last year that his life was in danger.

He alleged that Mr. Owino had been living in apprehension since then arguing that his action on Friday morning at B Club ‘was understandable’.


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