Richard Quest: Elections pose huge challenge to Kenya’s vibrant economy

Richard Quest: Elections pose huge challenge to Kenya’s vibrant economy

Top CNN anchor Richard Quest has lauded Kenya for offering a conducive environment for entrepreneurs but warned that elections pose a major challenge.

The renowned media personality criticised the country’s political sphere saying issues such as violence that often follows elections greatly affects business.

“Kenya is a wonderful place to do business up until there is an election,” he said during an interview with Capital FM.

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— Quest Means Business (@questCNN) October 23, 2018

Quest arrived in Kenya on Monday morning and has so far met with one of Kenya’s top athletes Eliud Kipchoge who shattered the world record in Berlin on September 16.

According to him however, proper government policies can prevent this and Kenya can learn from Brexit as well as the Bush vs Gore situation.

Quest urged Kenyans to take advantage of the vibrant economy noting that there are many investors from around the willing to boost viable business ideas.

He further highlighted challenges currently facing Kenya Airways saying the issues can be resolved “if the government stays out of the way”.

On Corruption, Quest said entrepreneurs should practice business with integrity and the government must have strong policies that discourage the vice.

Later this week, his show Quest Means Business will go live from Kenya.

He will later join 468 passengers on the Kenya Airways inaugural flight to New-York on Sunday, October 28.


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