Robert Alai barred from publishing defamatory articles against Mediheal hospital

Robert Alai barred from publishing defamatory articles against Mediheal hospital

The High Court has restrained blogger Robert Alai from publishing any defamatory words against Mediheal Hospital and Fertility Centre, a hospital associated with Kesses Member of Parliament Swarup Ranjan Mishra.

Mediheal, in court papers seen by Citizen Digital, denied allegations that it is being used to conduct illegal human trafficking of human organs.

MP Mishra argued that the contents of the said tweets by Alai by their ordinary meaning and innuendo were understood to mean that he, together with the hospital, are engaged in the illicit businesses of smuggling and trafficking in human organs,  economic exploitation of vulnerable patients, poor service, being led by persons with questionable citizenship papers, exploitation of employees and lacking integrity.

“The defendant published the said defamatory posts in a sensational manner so as to garner more followers on his social media sites and thus profit economically from the plaintiff’s public embarrassment and scandal,” read court papers.

Through lawyer Guandura Thuita, the hospital said the allegations that it is involved in human trafficking of body organs affected it in that its reputation was sabotaged before potential patients, investors, partners, financiers, and donors leading to economic loss.

“The plaintiff is a reputable company providing top-class medical care and the unwarranted posts and tweets are occasioning it loss of business, creating panic and suspicions amongst its present and potential patients as well as business partners,” added court papers.

They argued that if Alai is not restrained, the hospital will suffer and he will ruin its good reputation leading to irreparable damage.


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