Russia bans LGBT 'propaganda' in new Bill

Russia bans LGBT 'propaganda' in new Bill

  • The bill seeks to supplement current legislation by introducing administrative and criminal responsibility for spreading LGBT messaging across any demographic in the Russian Federation and to deny distribution rights to films that promote such relations.

The promotion of LGBT relationships in Russia faces a permanent ban following the introduction of a Bill on Monday that equated such messaging with war propaganda and incitement of hatred.

The bill aims to supplement existing legislation by introducing administrative and criminal liability for spreading LGBT messaging across any demographic in the Russian Federation, as well as denying distribution rights to films that promote such relationships.

According to RT, a Russian media outlet, the bill's authors, who do not include members of the ruling United Russia party, argue that denial of family as a social value, promotion of so-called "childfree" lifestyles, and approval and recognition of non-traditional sexual relations are dangerous not only for children and young people, but for society as a whole, because it "endangers demography and future economic growth."

The lawmakers emphasize that the prohibition on LGBT propaganda does not deprive Russian citizens of the opportunity and right to determine their sexual preference and orientation, nor does it permit discrimination against them in any way.

LGBT "propaganda" is currently only prohibited in Russia when it is aimed at children, but some politicians have called for stricter guidelines and penalties for the "denial of family values" and "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations."

"Suicide, drugs, extremism, and criminal behavior are considered negative and socially dangerous phenomena in Russia, and as such, they are not permitted to be promoted at the legislative level. In addition, there is currently no formal prohibition against the promotion of non-traditional sexual behavior and family values, including through the distribution of films, according to the note.

The authors of the bill contend in an explanation note that LGBT "propaganda" has proliferated in Russia and is being spread by the media, public gatherings, streaming services, and the portrayal of such relationships in movies.

“Family, motherhood and childhood in their traditional understanding, taken from the ancestors, are the values that ensure the continuous change of generations,” urge the authors of the bill, adding that they are a “condition for the preservation and development of the multinational people of the Russian Federation, and therefore need special protection from the state.”

A similar bill that sought to impose fines of over $160,000 for encouraging non-traditional sexual relations was also presented to the State Duma last month. It did not, however, pass the first reading.


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