Ruto fled to sister’s home after beatings from English teacher – Primary school classmate

Ruto fled to sister’s home after beatings from English teacher – Primary school classmate

Deputy President William Ruto

Truphosa Chebatip, a woman who was a classmate of Deputy President William Ruto in Primary School has recounted their journey, beating all odds to pursue education.

In an interview with the Standard, Truphosa shared memoriesof Kamagut Primary School where they schooled and sang songs for late President Daniel Moi.

Truphosa says that she used to perform better than the Deputy President, and that English was one of his worst nightmares as a student.

“When we were in class 5, the English teacher canned us until Ruto decided to flee to his sister’s home in Ziwa,”she recalled.

"I was ahead of Ruto especially in composition, one day he asked which book we were using. “

Ever since his first political stint as a Member of Parliament of Eldoret North constituency, William Ruto has proven to be a political pundit, having not lost in any general election.

But this was not evident in Primary school as Truphosa recounts.

“I was a bell ringer but Ruto had no leadership role, he was so polite.”

Just like other cheeky pupils at school, Truphosa said that Ruto who was then nicknamed Wilberforce once fought with another pupil named Cheptum until his tooth fell off.

Truphosa says that their parents were not well off, and struggled to make ends meet.

“Ruto’s mum was poor, at some point she came to sell maize at this shopping centre. My mum used to go for Busaa at Soy.”

Today, Truphosa is a diehard supporter of William Ruto and is committed to campaigning for him.

“I would like him to remember where we came from, when we had no shoes, when jiggers had infested us. I know he will get the presidency, I hope he will look back,” she says. 


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