Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi announces plan to rescue boychild from alcoholism

Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi announces plan to rescue boychild from alcoholism

Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi

Second Lady Dorcas Rigathi has pledged to initiate various projects geared towards empowering young men in the country.

Mrs Rigathi said a majority of young men in the country have gotten lost in alcoholism and are no longer productive. 

According to the Second Lady, if the issue is not addressed, the country might lose an entire generation creating a huge gap in society in the future.

Speaking during a food donation drive in Murang'a on Thursday, Mrs Rigathi said she is working to roll out several empowerment programs to help the youth get back on their feet and lead a decent life.

"I am passionate about the young people and my goal is to ensure they will be empowered to lead better lives," she said.

"These young men are the future of the country and we have to do something before we lose them," she added.

Part of her plan, she said, will be to have the youth enrolled in vocational training and adult education program.

"Those who will want to get vocational skills will get trained and those who would wish to continue with their education from where they stopped will also be catered for," she said.

"There are also other opportunities in the National Youth Service, army, and police force where they can be recruited," she remarked.

She also urged administration officers to put more effort into fighting alcoholism which is a menace, especially in the central region.

"We need concerted efforts to fight alcoholism so that we can save our young people."

She said having sober men will propagate better families and subsequently a better society, adding that there are so many broken families due to alcoholism.

About 3000 residents benefited from humpers compromising maize flour, rice, beans and cooking oil.

Gatanga Member of Parliament Edward Muriu said Gatanga is one of the areas worst hit by the dry spell which has been ravaging the country forcing the residents to rely on relief food.

"The rains are very minimal and we are not assured of getting a good harvest thus the need to support the residents," said Muriu.

He said he intends to launch a school feeding program when schools reopen in January next year.

"This program will cushion our young children from pangs of hunger and ensure they remain in class throughout," he added. 

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