Senator Maina questions why Owuor is referred to as ‘Mightiest prophet’, roads washed for him

Senator Maina questions why Owuor is referred to as ‘Mightiest prophet’, roads washed for him

Senator Veronica Maina speaks during the Launch of Parliamentary Conservation and Climate Change Caucus - Kenya, July 14, 2023.

Nominated Senator Veronica Maina has expressed concerns on why preacher Dr. David Owour, is referred to as the ‘mightiest prophet of God’.

During the Senate Committee probe on Shakahola deaths on Monday, Senator Maina expressed concerns on the tittle, and an event where roads were cleaned in Nakuru for the anticipated arrival of the preacher.

“You start referring Dr. Owuor as the Mightiest Prophet of God. And you continue to reference Dr. Owuor as the mightiest prophet of God. I have a challenge there because the use of that language by itself it moves him to a position that is way higher than anybody else in terms of ministry,” Senator Maina questioned.

“We've also seen roads washed in Nakuru with jik and omo. My concern was the purpose for which that road was washed,” she added.

Senator Maina argued that the prophet has been elevated to a position very superior to that of Jesus Christ in the Bible, which is contrary to believes and doctrines of Christianity and the church.

“And I am a bit conversant with the church. You have lifted him way above and am looking at reference of the mightiest prophets of God in the bible and the closest I find is Jesus Christ himself the prophet of God. So I have a very serious concern about the use of that language, ‘the mightiest prophet of God’ so maybe you could explain yourself.”

The advocates took to the floor to respond to the senator on why they to refer to owuor as the mightiest prophet of God.

In his response, Amos Wandera, an overseer in Owuor's church said the preacher had on numerous occasions performed miracles to warrant the profound title.

“As an advocate, one of the positions I want us to shun is the duplicity of the constitution. You've raised the issue of the powers we have besteered on our mighty prophet. The bible says he who received a prophet in the name of the prophet, and believes what he says will be established,” the advocate argued.

“The mighty prophet, when he was going to Lima Peru declared that he will open the heavens. That country is a desert. He went there and opened heavens and it rained. The records are there. He is a mighty prophet,” he added.

Owuor’s advocate Dr. John Jared Owuor defended the act of cleaning the road for Owuor claiming that it’s a form of kind gesture accorded to visitors when they visit a place.

He compared the act with pompous reception Heads of States and governments are accorded when they visit different countries.

“As an advocate if I have a guest who is coming to visit me and I esteem that guest depending on how I esteem that guest I would do anything. We have seen people painting the roads or even the pathways to the main house; we have seen even heads of states when they are visiting a place the road is tarmacked at least for the people to show the president we really welcome you, “ he said.

The advocates further claimed that it is against the doctrines of the Bible for governments to regulate the affairs of the church. They suggested that the churches be allowed to self-regulate as it has always been.

“On the matter of self-regulation, it is our view, these are spiritual matters complex matters, it would be tricky and not in line with the bible for the state quite to supervise the church or provide laws that guide manner how and who to lead in religious practice.”

The Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Monday also conducted a public hearing, where it received submissions from interested members of the public and organisations on matters religion and church regulations.

The Committee is probing the religious extremism in Shakahola that led to the death of over 420 people. 


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