Sharon Otieno’s murder trial begins three years after her death

Sharon Otieno’s murder trial begins three years after her death

The murder trial of Migori Governor Okoth Obado began on Monday morning, with the prosecution promising to prove their case against Obado,  Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero.

Witness accounts will assist bring bits of evidence together to solve the riddle, Attorney Catherine Mwaniki, arguing for the State, said in her opening statement.

She told the Milimani court that evidence will show that Obado, his co-accused Michael Oyamo, and Caspal Obiero, as well as others who were not present in court, committed the crime.

“We will demonstrate how they created the opportunity facilitated the crime, orchestrated the cover-up of the murder of Otieno and the 28 weeks unborn baby and further how they willfully engaged in action to obstruct justice,” she told the court.

Sharon met Okoth Obado in November 2017, when she was a student at Rongo University and Obado was, and still is, the governor, according to state lawyer Mwaniki.

Mwaniki said that Obado benefited from Sharon’s and the unborn child’s deaths because he was the biological father.

She stated in her opening statements that the accused persons, along with others who were not present in court, inflicted the wounds and stabs on the two.

“Sharon is not just a victim adding to a statics ..the more I wanted to more about this lady the more I got to know about her …I have come to know her as a mother ..daughter ..Big sister ..a friend..wife …feeder of the family and an ambitious university student who wanted good for self and children,” the court was told

The first witness, pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor, described the findings of the postmortem done at Rachuonyo Hospital on September 8, 2018.

The cause of death, according to the court, was severe bleeding caused by penatrating force trauma.

Baby Sharon died as a result of sharp abdominal trauma, according to Oduor.

During cross evidence, the court heard that Sharon and her killers may have had a sexual encounter, which would explain why the doctor obtained a vaginal sample and DNA from the body.

“The DNA was to establish occurrence of sexual encounter between her and probably the persons who were with her last,” court heard

The matter is before Lady Justice Cecilia Githua.

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