Siaya County Assembly Passes Welfare Kitty

The law, which had been sent to the Governor for assenting, is set to address the welfare of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) and other members of staff of the County Assembly.

Although not assented to by Governor Cornel Rasanga, County Assembly Speaker George Okode said that the new law will take effect since the Governor had failed to meet the constitutional deadline of referring it back to the County Assembly for reconsideration.

Governor Rasanga had referred the Bill to the assembly for reconsideration citing reservations on its establishment. However, he failed to beat the 14 days period which he should have referred the Bill for reconsideration.



Speaker Okode accused the Governor and the county executive of laxity in assenting to the Bill or resending it for reconsideration to the assembly saying that he could not admit it back to the chambers.

The Bill provides for the establishment of the kitty which will help in servicing county assembly members and employees’ pensions, loans and issues of mortgages, but Governor Rasanga in a memorandum to the County Assembly lamented that this would occasion additional expenditure on public funds.

The Governor was of the opinion that such a fund should only be established and managed by the executive.

However, Okode argued that there is no harm establishing such a fund because even the national assembly has a similar provision.

Okode, who stood firm that the law is going to work as it is, has said that if the Governor is not contented, he can either follow the stipulated amendment procedures or send a petition for amendment to the county assembly.

By Maureen Murimi


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