Sifuna blasts Ndii over lack of empathy towards Kenyans as cost of living soars

Sifuna blasts Ndii over lack of empathy towards Kenyans as cost of living soars

By Maria Njoroge 

President William Ruto's top economic advisor, David Ndii, has established a reputation for being the harbinger of uncomfortable truths. He'd held this role through the eras of the Kibaki regime, the Jubilee regime, and now, the Kenya Kwanza administration.

However, at times, his bluntness comes off as spite. In his latest remarks following the announcement of sky rocketing fuel prices by EPRA, a section of Kenyans took his statements as a lack of empathy.

Ndii’s critics took to X and accused him of rubbing the suffering of Kenyans in their faces. This ignited a fiery battle of Twitter retorts between Ndii and other users on X, including Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna.

Ndii had consistently maintained that he wasn't a politician and didn't peddle hope. One of his tweets made this clear: “Finally, I’ve been advised that I owe the public empathy. I don’t agree. I do not subscribe to sentimentality in the conduct of public affairs. I owe my position in this society to speaking truth to power, brutally. I ruffle feathers.”

It was this assertion that prompted Senator Sifuna to respond, stating, “Facts are stubborn things. You can blame greedy lying politicians (and you’d be right), shake fists at the President, berate the IMF, shoot the messengers, fantasize about all manner of miracle cures and when you are done, the facts will be staring at you, unfazed.”

Sifuna acknowledged Ndii's statements, but expressed concerns about his style of delivery. He reminded Ndii that he wasn't the one sent out to ask for votes last year, questioning why Ndii, not being an elected representative, was the one addressing the people. Sifuna emphasized that the President should be the one directly speaking to the nation.

“It’s not as if Ruto isn’t there. They want the same faces and mouths from July 2022,” Sifuna said, highlighting the tone Ndii used when addressing Kenyans.

 “This arrogance and disdain belongs to the 'dynasties'”.

 Sifuna went on, “The snake oil merchants the hustlers supported did not speak to them in your current tone… the hustlers want the regime to speak to them in the tone of July 2022.”

Sifuna also emphasized that Ndii, in his role a the top economic advisor, should "demonstrate respect" for the people, as outlined in the constitution.

Sifuna reiterated that hustlers might not understand terms like IMF, but they knew Ruto, who had sought their votes.

Sifuna emphasized that the government should prioritize the people who elected them over any contracts with the IMF, stating,

 “How you elevate your contract with IMF over the one with the people is confusing mama mboga.”


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