Somalia To Probe Rape Claims Against AU Troops

The government says it will probe the allegations made by the Human Rights Watch and take appropriate action if found to be true


"The government condemns all forms of abuse against the Somali people and remains committed to ensuring perpetrators of any crime against its civilians are brought to justice," Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed said in a statement.


His remarks follows a report documented by the Human Rights Watch that 21 women and girls were raped by troops stationed in Mogadishu


The report released on Monday has documented alleged sexual exploitation of the women and girls.


The report said that the girls were raped after they sought refuge in the bases manned by the troops after being displaced from their homes


The troops that were accused of the crime were those from Uganda and Burundi


The current government is struggling to re-impose order and a new federal structure as it battles Al Shabaab terror group


By Anne Muchiri



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