Speaker Muturi tells off leaders opposed to his role as Mt Kenya spokesman

Speaker Muturi tells off leaders opposed to his role as Mt Kenya spokesman

The political divide in mount kenya has assumed topographic dimensions.

The windward side is rising up against perceived domination of the leeward dwellers.

And the revolters in the so called East versus West duel are armed with among other political jabs, a regional presidential head count.

Kenyatta, Kibaki now Uhuru na sisi tukitaka tunaimbiwa hatutoshi,” Muthomi Njuki, the Tharaka Nith Governor said on Sunday.

The recent coronation National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as the Mount Kenya spokesman has lately been at issue.

Muturi hails from a minority Mbeere community from Embu county that had only 309,000 registered voters in 2017.

His installation was bitterly contested as a political gimmick that cannot hold.

Leaders from the Eastern side are insisting the mountain must now be led from the East and speaker Muturi is their man.

Those opposed to the National Assembly speaker say that only the president upon his retirement will give the region direction

Hata yeye (Uhuru) atakuwa na usemi kwa hiyo mambo,” Agriculture CS Peter Munya says.

With eleven counties constituting the larger Mount Kenya Region, Central Kenya boasted of 5.3 million registered voters in 2017.

With factions and pockets of rebellion growing within the region, the one-time political powerhouse now stares at uncertain political fortunes.

The president’s exit at the end of his presidential term without a standby successor leaves the region in limbo

Hakuna wazee kadhaa watakuna kwa msitu kwasababu wamelipiwa transport kusema huyu ndio kiongozi Muturi: desturi zetu upande huu wa mlima ziheshimiwe na wale wengine pia,” CS Munya added.

For now leaders in Central Kenya continue pulling in different directions as the mountain searches for a new centre of gravity post-Uhuru Kenyatta.


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