Suspects in murder of Catholic priest Michael Maingi to be arraigned

Suspects in murder of Catholic priest Michael Maingi to be arraigned

Two suspects arrested in connection with the brutal murder of Catholic Priest Michael Maingi Kyengo are set to be arraigned in court later today.

Michael Mutunga who is the main suspect alongside Solomon Mutava were arrested a day after detectives discovered the body of the priest along Mashamba River in Mbeere South.

Detectives have so far recovered bank withdrawal receipts from accounts held by the late Father Maingi.

The receipts were discovered in a house said to have been rented by Mutunga two days after the priest was killed.

Police also found newly purchased household items totaling Ksh.60,000, supermarket receipts as well as blood-stained clothes which have since been taken to the government chemist for forensic analysis.

A sharp knife believed to have been used to kill the priest was recovered from a pit latrine.

The garage where the deceased’s vehicle color was changed from black to white on October 12, 2019, was also identified.

The body of the Catholic priest from Machakos who was killed and his body buried in a shallow grave was exhumed on October 16, 2019.

The man of the cloth was reportedly waylaid on October 8,2019 while traveling from Tala to his Thatha parish in Masinga.

Reports indicate that he was kidnapped on the way there by the killers who apparently strangled him to death before burying the body.


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