TeleSomo App launched to connect learners with teachers virtually

TeleSomo App launched to connect learners with teachers virtually

With school operations having been disrupted for months now by the COVID-19 pandemic concern continues to rise on how learners will remain engaged in their studies learners during the current period of Covid-19 pandemic.

A technology company in Kenya, Helium Cloud, has now launched the TeleSomo App that leverages technology to bring on-demand learning by connecting learners with teachers virtually.

With TeleSomo, learners with a smartphone can access the platform to connect with other students, buy or exchange books and revision materials.

Tutors who have been on boarded connect with other facilitators to share, exchange and improve teaching material whilst being paired with learners seeking their professional skills.

“We are living in an increasingly mobile and diversified world. With the gap in the education industry provided by high technology costs, TeleSomo connects learners with affordable and highly trained tutors who share their skills equipping them with tools to navigate their industry. Through the TeleSomo App, we hope to build a network of professionals and learners to bridge the education crisis in Kenya,” said TeleSomo Founder, Vincent Chepkwony.

Professionals register on the TeleSomo App to offer their services in their relevant field. From Mathematics to Sciences to Languages and Business Studies, from Fitness Instructors to Vocational Studies and Art Schools, TeleSomo possess a wide range of disciplines to cater for every student’s learning needs.

“TeleSomo is devolving skill sharing. It is fostering easy learning between learners and tutors, and the fact that it is flexible, just works for the interest of both parties. Quality learning wherever you are,” Mr Chepwkony adds.

Users within the App can use Voice Search to find services as well as chat and call between learners and tutors in-app. Since it is a location-based app, TeleSomo tracks teachers live locations for ease of identification or to find local teachers nearby.

Through the TeleSomo App, you can search and locate all levels of schooling from primary through tertiary education nearby using GPS. Teachers can also travel to do private tutoring at learner’s discretion.

The TeleSomo App is currently available for download on Google PlayStore for Android users. IPhone compatibility is currently in testing phase with a view to be rolled out in the coming weeks.


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