Tension In Malawi As Election Results Are Delayed

Malawi’s ruling party has claimed the elections were flawed.


There are fears of violence and a disputed outcome.


The voting process encountered many organizational hiccups from voting stations opening as much as 10 hours late, to shortage of voting materials.


President Joyce Banda made claims of serious irregularities in the elections on Thursday- the day the results were meant to be released.


Reports included hackers breaking into Malawi Election Commission’s computers and ballot tallies exceeding the number of registered voters in some constituencies, prompting Banda to demand a manual count.


The Malawi Election Commission announced on Wednesday it was abandoning its digital results platform which further fueled suspicions of irregularities following the mishaps in certain voting stations.


Organizers had to extend voting in some urban areas into a second day and initial counting was stalled by a lack of lighting and generators at polling stations.


Election observers promised they were cautious of the counting, in spite of the various challenges experienced throughout the entire process but warned parties not to instigate tension among voters.


By Cecilia Garama


Source: Al Jazeera


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