‘This is not Ruto’s handwriting’: KOT react to latest rant over Raila, BBI

‘This is not Ruto’s handwriting’: KOT react to latest rant over Raila, BBI

Deputy President William Ruto is the talk of the town after a post about Raila Odinga and the BBI report.

On Friday, the message on the DP’s Twitter criticized Mr. Odinga over a publication in a local daily.

“Boss, the last time I checked Kenya was the collective business of the 47m of us. When did it become yours,for the rest of us to be patient with you, as you decide what is good for us!!!!! Yaani sasa imefika hapo? Please a little decency & respect is not much to ask of you ndugu,” the Twitter post reads.

It was in response to a story on the Standard newspaper titled Be patient with us, Raila urges Kenyans over BBI

According to the local daily, Mr. Odinga spoke at the Nyamira ACK church and reiterated that the BBI reform plan would transform the country.

He is said to have also taken a swipe at the church for allegedly colluding with corrupt leaders to ‘sanitize’ their alleged questionable wealth.

On Friday evening, Kenyans took to Twitter with different camps responding to the DP’s reaction to Mr. Odinga’s sentiments.

“Who writes these tweets and do they run them by the DP first?” one Ciku Muiruri posed, to which Virigina Waruingi responded: “Very important question.”

@Nyigi_ then said in jest: “Hizi ni gani tena. Hata wewe pia imefika hapa pa kujibizana twitter!!! Hii kitu haitaki makasiriko.”

Muriithi Kiragu, another Twitter user asked: “This is not RUTO’S handwriting, Itumbi is that you?” as Saleem Mumo added: “tangu lini Ruto akaita Rao Boss?? he always refers to him as Tinga.”

And Philbert Aganyo chimed in saying: “To Emmanuel Talam or Ole Itumbi, or whoever is running this account.. Guys.. Please be Decent & Professional. You’re running the Account of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, not some disgruntled MCA somewhere in a remote setting. Civility. Political Tact.”

However, one @Konyit_Kotoror posted a video showing Miguna Miguna during a past interview on Citizen TV where he claimed that the office of the then Prime Minister Raila Odinga was full of corruption scandals.

In the video, Miguna is heard saying that he called out officials over the alleged graft and even confronted Mr. Odinga about it.

— Matiren Ko Bokol (@Konyit_Kotoror) December 27, 2019

According to one Mbuku Micheal: “Raila want position of PM to be powerful …because he is Eyeing it Comes 2022…. Even if we amendments our Katiba through this So called BBI & ODM members / Party loss elections we will have same Problems.. Violence”

John Kuria added: “Ni kama moto ya jiko ambaye imefunikwa na jivu. Unless some politicians retire or step aside kabisa for the new blood, bado kutakua na shida.”

And Mr. Abraham also criticised both Dr. Ruto and Mr. Odinga saying: “If this tweet is to change our focus, it won’t. You, your Boss and this Baba you’re calling here are the reasons we are having the worst unemployment cases in history. So if you may do us the honour, please consult with your cronies to return the funds they robbed from us.”

“The people who fought 4 multi party politics are the same ones fighting for (a United country where everyone is a winner) which is = to the SINGLE PARTY system RAILA is leading this ONE party system meaning his clamour 4 pluralism was just for selfish reasons,” JKiprotich said.



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