Tragedy as lightning kills three at Kisii funeral

Tragedy as lightning kills three at Kisii funeral

Three people died, among them a standard 8 pupil, and another one was seriously injured after they were struck by lightning at a funeral in Kisii County.

The three were among mourners who had attended the burial of Nyarumi Onami when heavy rain accompanied by lightening pounded the area at about 5pm.

According to the residents, there were signs of rain in the area which made most of them leave the burial site before the rain began.

However, the three who had remained at the site were struck by lightening and died on the spot.

The bodies of the deceased were taken to Kenyenya District Hospital in Kisii.

Sengera Member of County Assembly Timothy Nyarango sent his condolences to the deceased families while Kisii County Deputy Governor Mr Joash Maangi stated that the county government would help pay the funeral expenses for the deceased.

“It is painful to lose your loved ones in such circumstances,” he said.

Maangi added that the county government has put in place plans to prevent such incidents by installing lightning arresters in learning institutions and high places.

He asked the residents to be calm and ensure their safety whenever the rains come, adding that his county government had set aside Sh1 million to mitigate such disasters.

“The county Government is determined to ensure the life of every resident of Kisii is secure, I urge our people to report to the county offices if they live in an area that requires lightning arresters,” he added.

Maangi used that opportunity to urge the youth to stop whining that there are no jobs, yet the County government has been placing job adverts.


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