Travel booking platform Tripitaca rebrands to Triply

Travel booking platform Tripitaca rebrands to Triply

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Travel booking platform Tripitaca has announced its rebranding to Triply. 

According to Founder and CEO Peter Wachira, Triply is poised to revolutionize the way travelers explore Africa and the way businesses operate within the tourism landscape. 

Wachira, speaking about this transformative journey, emphasized that Triply's mission extends far beyond merely facilitating bookings; it aims to become the backbone of travel in Africa.

"Triply represents the next chapter in our journey," stated Wachira. "We are dedicated to leveraging technology and our accumulated expertise to empower travel businesses and shape the future of travel across Africa."

Triply's approach encompasses several key initiatives aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the travel sector. Central to its strategy is the support and empowerment of local businesses, which form the backbone of Africa's tourism industry.

 Through strategic partnerships and technological integrations, Triply equips these businesses with the tools needed to thrive in the digital age, including online booking systems, digital marketing solutions, and data analytics platforms.

Recognizing the importance of accessible information for modern tourists, Triply has prioritized initiatives to bridge the information gap.

 By collaborating with local businesses and leveraging travel tech solutions, Triply ensures that its platform offers essential resources such as offline maps, curated itineraries, and multilingual content. This empowers travelers to navigate unfamiliar destinations seamlessly, irrespective of language barriers or internet connectivity constraints.



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