Tuskys on panic-shopping: We are properly stocked, no shortage expected

Tuskys on panic-shopping: We are properly stocked, no shortage expected

Tusker Mattresses Limited (TML)- Tuskys has allayed fears of a looming shortage in essential products after Kenyans started panic-shopping after Kenya’s first coronavirus case was announced.

In a statement, TML noted that there has been a surge of shoppers at its stores on Friday but confirmed it would continue stocking general supermarket merchandise.

“We have engaged with our suppliers and received firm commitments that we shall continue receiving the necessary supplies at the standard prices,” the statement read.

Additionally, the franchise confirmed that it has more than 90 per cent of the general supermarket merchandise in its in-country stocks.

The same statement dispelled fears of price hikes and a possible shortage of commodities and also reiterated the franchise’s commitment to following Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) stipulations.

On Friday, CAK warned retailers and manufacturers against hiking prices or hoarding, saying the acts contravene section 21 (1) of Kenya’s constitution.

Parties found culpable of either of the acts will attract a penalty of up to ten per cent of their respective turnover.

Kenyans who suspect that certain retailers may have hiked prices have been asked to report the matter to CAK.

CAK offices are located at the Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme Block D, 1st Floor.


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