Two suspected thugs lynched in botched robbery, kidnapping

Two suspected thugs lynched in botched robbery, kidnapping

An enraged mob lynched two suspects on Thursday after they kidnapped an elderly woman in Mua Hills, Machakos County.

The two suspects; Jackson Mulinge Mueke and Augustus Nzioka Ndeto were part of a three-man gang that had followed Veronica Kwanza Kiilu from a Machakos town bank.

Veronica and her 72-year-old husband Wellington Kioko had earlier withdrawn Ksh. 500,000 shillings from the bank according to a police report seen by Citizen Digital.

“Ksh150,000 of the funds were used to pay a Machakos-based lawyer for an unspecified assignment,” the police report says.

Veronica is said to have taken a matatu for Kaloleni, where she resides with her husband, after paying the lawyer. She left her husband in town to take care of some unspecified business.

On arrival, she hailed a motorbike.

They had only moved 200 meters when they were stopped by a fast-moving Toyota Axio with the registration number KCH 348S.

In the drama that unfolded, Two men stepped out of the car and snatched the 60-year-old woman from the motorcycle

“They bundled her into the back seat of the getaway car and sped off, towards Muthwani shopping centre,” the police report states.

The criminals reportedly robbed the woman of the remaining Ksh. 350,000 before abandoning her, according to the detectives.

In the meantime, reports of the incident spread like wildfire.

The vehicle was intercepted by enraged boda boda riders and members of the public who were baying for the blood of the suspects as it approached Ndovoini.

The unruly crowd immediately ejected the suspects from the car and clobbered them senseless.

According to the police, two of the suspects were killed in a hail of stones, blows, and kicks, while the third escaped the onslaught by a hair’s breadth.

The suspects’ walkie-talkie and three mobile phones were recovered.

An identity card with the name Katu Nzalu was also recovered, which was thought to have been left behind by the suspect who managed to flee.

Detectives handling the matter are currently hunting for the third suspect who is still at large.



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