Uhuru and family to be enumerated at 10pm as census kicks off

Uhuru and family to be enumerated at 10pm as census kicks off

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family will be enumerated at 10pm during the census that kick offs on Saturday across the country.

Planning PS Julius Muia and Director General of Kenya National Bureau Of Statistics (KNBS) Zachary Mwangi Chege will conduct the exercise at State House in Nairobi.

On Saturday morning, Government Spokesman Rtd. Col. Cyrus Oguna reiterated the importance of the exercise saying it is for posterity.

“This is an important government tool to plan for your child who will be born, who are yet to be born,” he said during a Press briefing.

The Spokesman also noted that the tablets that will be used are designed to collect data offline.

According to him, the data is non-erasable and cannot be tampered with.

“Providing ID numbers and passport numbers is not to police you and know where you are but know how many Kenyans are of age and not documented. Let’s not demonise the process. When enumerators knock, please open the doors,” the Spokesman urged.

However for those in hotels, they will be given questionnaires to manually fill in and enumerators will input the data electronically at the KNBS centre.

Regarding security, Rtd. Col. Oguna affirmed that there is elaborate systems in place.

He added that a call centre toll free number– 0800221020–will remain operational for the duration of the census, from August 24 to 31.

On Saturday and Sunday, the exercise will be conducted between 6pm and 6am.

For the rest of the week, it will be done during the day.

The government is to provide translators for deaf persons, though Rtd. Col. Oguna said they are yet identified all deaf persons and where they live.

“But considerations have been put in place for the broad spectrum of disability including mental health,” he added.

In response to claims about payment issues for enumerators, KNBS said it was given to them for the training and once the census is complete they will receive the rest of their dues.

“All biodata of the enumerators has been taken. Pesa iko. Watu wasilelete malalamiko,” Zachary Mwangi, the KNBS Director General said.

He further noted that census enumerators have been trained to handle questions on intersex.



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