Uhuru breaks protocol, invites Raila to speak before him in Kisumu

Uhuru breaks protocol, invites Raila to speak before him in Kisumu

President Uhuru Kenyatta defied protocol on Tuesday by inviting Raila Odinga, his handshake partner and former Prime Minister, to speak to the Kisumu delegation at the Madaraka Day celebrations before him.

The brief pause occurred after Deputy President William Ruto finished his speech and, as is customary, invited his boss, President Kenyatta, to speak.

When the president rose to speak, he apologized for breaking protocol and invited Mr. Odinga to address the delegation, despite the fact that he has no official position in the government.

“You will forgive me, but let me break protocol today to invite my brother, Raila Odinga, Jakom, to say hi to you and to deliver his Madaraka Day sentiments, welcome my brother,” President Uhuru said amid cheers.

When he took the podium, the ODM leader ignored the protocol blunder and instead praised President Kenyatta for his work in the region, as well as the gains made possible by their truce.

At the same time, he emphasized the importance of the nation pursuing Kenyan unity, particularly in light of the Handshake’s opportunity.

“Kenya iko na shida, kuna janga la korona. Korona ilitaka kuniangusha, korona imeleta shida nyingi.” Raila said on Tuesday “Nataka tuwe na programme ya ku-reconstruct. Handshake has given us an opportunity to bring Kenyans together & enhance development across the country,”

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) June 1, 2021

Raila used his speech to rally support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which has been stymied by a court ruling.

According to Raila, the initiative was started to bring Kenyans together, and he emphasized the importance of reviving the Bill, whose fate lies before the appellate court.

“We should aspire to move together and unite Kenyans together, that is the main goal of the BBI,” he said.

He then went against protocol by inviting President Uhuru to speak to the delegation.

As if the two incidents weren’t enough, visiting South African Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu fumbled with names and referred to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as “President Raila Odinga.”

She was invited to address the delegation by President Uhuru before he made his speech.

“I would like to thank my two brothers in this struggle, President Raila Odinga….” She said amid raucous cheers “Prime Minister President Raila Odinga, President Uhuru Kenyatta for the pleasure they have given my president for inviting me here “

When she regained control of her reins, the minister, who claims to be married to a Luo, stated that the most important takeaway for South Africa will be the gains that can be made if people work together.

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) June 1, 2021


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